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When you come on holidays to the Domaine de La Laigne, you are sure to spend a unique moment with the ones you love in a calm, relaxing and comfortable environment. Here, everything has been thought for your well-being, for your rest as well as your activities, with all services you may need during your stay.

Thanks to the wide variety of our cottages, you are sure to find the one that will suit your needs, whether you come alone, in small group or big gathering. In the intimate shelter or the family house, the cottage rent with friends or the house of nostalgic memories, you can come to spend one weekend the way you like it, one week to visit, one month to take a break, or simply several days to explore the area.

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Domaine’s services

The Domaine de la Laigne is more than a simple housing solution; it offers you a wide range of services that would make your life easier and your stay more enjoyable.

- All cottages, in addition to their equipment, have a private terrace with a table.

- There is a playground for children, as well as a Ping-Pong table, a trampoline, a bocce ball court and soccer cages.

- The swimming pool is fully equipped and has safe access for children: special opening door for children, shower, deckchairs, etc.

- The facility room will allow you to easily manage your logistics.

- The Spa (with extra-fees) will offer you a moment of well being to take care of yourself.

Trampoline and play area for children during your holidays Holidays on countryside in Charente maritime


- ZOOM on the SPA -

Do you need to get outside the world and recharge batteries?

Turn off your phones, put away your watches and do you offer a Bubble Relaxing in the heart of the Domaine, dedicated to relaxation of body and mind. Succumb to the pleasure to give you the time of well being with treatments from here and elsewhere and let yourself be transported by the senses.

Our Spa is a private space during use, you ensuring optimal relaxation. Only staff just takes care of your well-being.

The HAMMAM is a vapour bath that was created from the public baths of ancient Rome, providing an important action of vasodilation. It will offer you relaxing moment, helping to fight muscle soreness, decongest bronchi and improve your sleep.

The SAUNA is a bath a dry heat that can reach up to 60°C and has been an essential custom for 2000 years in the Northen countries. It will eliminate fatigue, stimulate the blood circulation, offer a better oxygenation, strengthen your body’s natural defences, soften muscles and release muscle soreness. By increasing the sweeting, the sauna will clean you skin and improve its elasticity.

Services of Spa at the Domaine de la Laigne resize
Comfortable Spa on the Domaine resize
Spa during the holidays in countryside setting resize
Confortable spa during your holidays resize
Services of Spa at the Domaine de la Laigne
Comfortable Spa on the Domaine
Spa during the holidays in countryside setting
Confortable spa during your holidays

Map of the Domaine de la Laigne X
Map of the Domaine de la Laigne X
Map of the Domaine de la Laigne X
Map of the Domaine de la Laigne X